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When a fresh tattoo is first inked onto the skin, no one ever thinks that they will want it removed. Years down the line, however, this idea often changes for a variety of reasons.

Instead of opting for a lengthy cover-up, more and more unhappy tattoo collectors are choosing laser tattoo treatment as their method of removal. Why is the expensive (and painful!) process so popular?

Here are a few reasons;

Complete or partial removal.

Tattoos that are removed using the laser technique can be removed partially or completely, giving you the option to fade the tattoo or eliminate it altogether.

Partial removal and fading are ideal if you may want to get the tattoo covered up in future, as it makes the ink easier to cover. Complete removal, on the other hand, is great because it gets rid of the tattoo, leaving minimal proof that it was ever there to begin with.

 The procedure is done by a licensed professional.

One bonus of having laser tattoo removal done is that the process can only be done by a qualified, licensed professional who has gone through hours of training in the field.

This guarantees that your removal will be done properly and in a way that maximizes the effectiveness of the treatment, as well as ensures your safety.

Minimal scarring.

Laser tattoo removal is good for sensitive skin- not because it hurts less than a coverup, but because it’s very unlikely to cause any permanent scarring or skin changes in the area that it’s applied.

The skin initially be may sore or “bubble”, but these effects will fade, leaving the tattoo lighter and the skin unchanged.

Quick sessions.

To completely remove a tattoo using laser treatment, you may have to go for as many as 6-10 sessions. This seems like a lot, however, each session is relatively quick.

This is because the professional doing the treatment only has to go over the existing lines and doesn’t have to take his or her time to carefully draw and shade them, making the process quicker than getting a coverup.

In general, a session will only last an hour or two, whereas a cover up session could have you seated in the tattoo chair for more than 6 hours at a time.

Very little recovery time.

Because laser tattoo removal causes minimal damage to the skin, the recovery process is extremely simply- so much so that is’ nearly non-existent.

The skin, as mentioned above, may be sore or appear to have “bubbles” on it until it heals, but otherwise, there are no other wounds associated with the process.

This means that you can go straight from a laser session to work, so long as you make sure to avoid UV light until the irritated skin has healed.

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