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One day’s bad decisions don’t have to haunt you for the rest of your life.

Laser tattoo removal is the most effective way to get rid of an embarrassing tattoo or a tattoo that no longer suits your lifestyle and personality.

The modern laser tattoo removal technology we use at Tattoos Be Gone gives tremendous results and can effectively remove small to large tattoos located anywhere on your body.

Our modern equipment is also functional for all skin tones from light to dark skin.

How much does tattoo removal cost?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions and the answer is quite challenging.

Every tattoo we see here is unique in style, size, shape and every skin tone is unique.

Every tattoo artist has a unique way of doing things which makes it difficult to give an accurate answer with regards to the cost of tattoo removal.

Las Vegas tattoo removal prices are affected by all the following factors;

Tattoo size

Naturally, the bigger your tattoo is, the more costly it will be to remove.

In laser tattoo removal, a light energy is exposed to your skin which is absorbed by the tattoo ink particles in your skin.

This light energy breaks down the ink into smaller pieces and your body’s immune system naturally starts to remove the ink over a period of time.

The bigger your tattoo is, the greater the work area for our tattoo removal experts will be and the longer sessions will take, which affects the price.

Ink type

Tattoo artists work with a great variety of ink types. High-quality tattoo inks are designed to last and, as such, are much more difficult to break down into the bloodstream.

Where some tattoos are quick to remove, others can take a number of sessions before it will be gone.

Ink color

Colorful tattoos are usually a bit more challenging to remove because different dyes respond to different wavelengths.

The tattoo colors that are easiest to remove is green and black where all other colors are a lot harder to fade and remove and usually requires more laser sessions.

Skin type

There are six major skin types that vary from pale white to darkest brown. It is much easier to remove tattoos from light skin tones because the skin naturally absorbs more laser light.

Those with lighter skin tones will require fewer laser treatments than those with darker skin tones.

It is, however, entirely possible to get tattoos effectively removed from any skin type.

Tattoo age

Older tattoos are a lot easier to remove than newer tattoos and are usually a lot more affordable since fewer sessions are required.

Smoking habits

If you are a smoker then you will likely require more tattoo removal sessions than non-smokers because smoking affects your body’s ability to heal.

Tattoo location

Tattoos that are placed in areas with lots of vascular supply are a lot easier to remove.

This means that tattoos on your feet, lower legs and hands will require more sessions than those located on other areas of your body. Learn more about tattoo ink placement here

Tattoo layering

Some tattoo artists layer their tattoos in order to get a dark and long lasting effect and layering is also commonly used when people try to cover up an old tattoo.

The more your tattoo is layered the harder it is to remove because the amount of ink per pigment becomes significantly higher.

Personal preference

Tattoo removal happens gradually and can result in marking in regions where the lines were particularly dark.

Your own personal preference with regards to these markings will make a big difference in the price.

As you can see, it is quite challenging to say exactly how much your laser tattoo removal will cost.

If you want to get a quote for tattoo removal in Vegas, be sure to get in touch with us today. Have a question about the pain that you can expect and how to handle it? Continue onto our next blog post

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